La Grande

Unit: Detachment 1, Company F, 116th Brigade Support Battalion


25U: Signal Support Systems Specialist
44B: Metal Worker
45B: Small Arms/Artillery Repairer
45G: Fire Control Repairer
45K: Armament Repairer
52C: Utilities Equipment Repairer
52D: Power Generation Equipment Repairer
63A: M1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer
63B: Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
63H: Track Vehicle Repairer
63J: Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer
63X: Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
92A: Automated Logistical Specialist
94E: Radio and Communications Security Repairer
94F: Special Electronic Devices Repairer


Unit: Headquarters, 3rd Battalion, 116th Cavalry


00Z: Command Sergeant Major
11B: Infantry
11Z: Infantry Senior Sergeant
19K: M1 Armor Crewmember
19Z: Armor Senior Sergeant
21B: Combat Engineer
25B: Information Systems Operator - Analyst
25Q: Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator - Maintainer
25U: Signal Support Systems Specialist
27D: Legal Specialist
35F: Special Electronic Devices Repairer
42A: Human Resources Specialist
56M: Chaplain Assistant
74D: Chemical Operations Specialist
92Y: Unit Supply Specialist

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404 12th Street, La Grande, OR 97850