Infantry Brigade Combat team

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The 41is Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) is an expeditionary, combined arms formation optimized for dismounted operations in complex terrain.


What does that mean? The 41st IBCT can conduct entry operations by ground or air assault into austere "areas of operations" with little or no advanced notice.



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The 41st IBCT is composed of four battalions of roughly 700 Soldiers and Officers. The 1-186th IN and 2-162nd  IN are the two infantry battalions that serve as the 41st IBCT’s primary maneuver force.  The infantry battalions organize with a headquarters and headquarters company, three rifle companies, and a weapons company. The headquarters and headquarters company provide planning and intelligence, signal, and fire support to the battalion. The headquarters company has a battalion command section, a battalion staff section, a company headquarters, a battalion medical, scout, mortar and signal platoon, and a sniper squad.


The six Infantry rifle companies have three infantry rifle platoons, a mortar section, and a headquarters section. Each rifle platoon has three infantry rifle squads and a weapons squad. The mortar section has two squads, each with a 60-mm mortar. Habitual attachments to the infantry rifle company include a fire support team at the company level and forward observer teams at the platoon level, medics assigned to the rifle platoons, and a senior medic at the company level


The 141 Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) is the most important sustainment organization in the Army. It supports the brigade combat team and the other brigade formations that constitute the majority of close combat capability in the Army. The 41st IBCT’s area of operations is expansive and its missions diverse. The 141 BSB and its subordinate companies normally operate within the close area of the operational construct closer to the forward line of troops than any other battalion-sized sustainment organization. These places the 141 BSB in operational environments that are highly lethal, rapidly changing, and extremely demanding. This operational environment requires frequent movement, strong protection, and perseverance.


The 2-118th Field Artillery Battalion provides responsive and accurate fires to the 41st IBCT. The 2-218th has a HQ and HQ battery to provide mission command and administrative support. A forward support company from a BSB provides logistical support. The battalion is organized with three batteries consists of two platoons of three cannons in each platoon. The battalion also has one AN/TPQ-36 and one AN/TPQ-37 weapons locating radar (WLR) for target acquisition along with four AN/TPQ-50 WLRS. The IBCT FA battalion provides responsive and accurate fires to the 41st by two batteries of six M119-series towed 105-mm howitzers and one battery of six M777-series 155-mm towed howitzers.