Force Structure

The Oregon Army National Guard is composed of 5,500 Soldiers that make up 4 major commands across our state. In comparison to other states force structure, Oregon is a medium size state.


Major General Michael E. Stencel

The Adjutant General is responsible for providing the State of Oregon and the United States with a ready force of more than 8,100 Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen, equipped and trained to respond to any contingency, natural or man-made. He directs, manages, and supervises the administration, discipline, organization, training and mobilization of the Oregon National Guard, and the Office of Oregon Emergency Management. He is also assigned as the Governor's Homeland Security Advisor. General Stencel develops and coordinates all policies, plans and programs of the Oregon National Guard in concert with the Governor and State legislature.

The land Component Commander

Brigadier General Gregory Day

The Land Component Commander (LCC) is the most senior Army officer in the Oregon Army National Guard. The LCC oversees Oregon’s major commands (MACOMs) and holds command for all land operations within the State of Oregon. 

Major Commands