Follow ME! Campaign 

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Intent and Supporting Data

Commander’s Intent: The Oregon Army National Guard has a strong objective to recruit and retain members into “11 series” career fields.  The Follow Me! Campaign was created to assist in all aspects of achieving this goal.

Oregon's Current Situation

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There is currently 232 "11 series" vacancies in Oregon as of 22 Feb 21. The current break outs are:

Skill level:

E-3 – 84

E-4 – 65

E-5 – 24

E-6 – 26

E-7 – 12


O-2 – 15

O-3 – 4

O-4 – 2

Market Research - Oregon's DoD Market Share

Market Share:


The ORARNGs biggest competition for qualified military age (QMA) prospects are the U.S. Army and the USMC. Market share is the number of people that have enlisted into the ORARNG divide by how many have enlisted in the military (DoD). For example, if 100 people joined the military and 25 of that population joined the ORARNG, then we would have a 25% market share. The next slides show last FY’s available data.


Market Share:


Statewide market share for Oregon. The Follow Me! Campaign is directed towards those who would like to serve in the military and would consider joining the Infantry. This campaign is a direct tactic to compete with the USMC and Army to take greater market share.


Market Share:


The following map shows the FY19 ARNG market share by county. The numerical ranges in the legend were developed using the ARNG statewide market share of 17.4 as the baseline. The shaded counties have at least 2 DoD accessions.


Market Share:


The following map shows the FY19 ARNG market share by zip code. The numerical ranges in the legend were developed using the ARNG statewide market share of 17.4 as the baseline. The shaded counties have at least 2 DoD accessions.


Understanding The Infantry

•The Modern Infantry (Current Mission)

•Formation and Duty Positions

•Sustainment Training


•Civil Support Mission

•Training Requirements

Training: The 11 series refers to the career paths that prospects could choose with committing to the Infantry. For enlisted Soldier, a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 11b will be awarded to those Soldiers that complete 9 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 6 weeks of Advance Individual Training. Generally this training is referred to as One Station Unit Training (OSUT) located at Ft. Benning, GA.


High school Jr’s and college students may be eligible for the split option training. For prospects that enlist for the MOS of 11C, Infantry Mortarman, they will continue training for an additional two weeks to become certified with weapon systems such as the 80mm and 120mm mortar system.

•Non-Prior Service


•Split-Training Option

•Prior Service

•Current Junior Enlisted Soldiers MOSQ

•Current NCO MOSQ

•Current Officer AOC

Advanced Schools and qualification courses:





Air Assault - The Air Assault Course is 12 days in duration and prepares Soldiers for air mobile operations. During the course students train and are evaluated on combat assault, sling loads, rappelling, physical fitness, and various other critical skills. Students are required to complete an obstacle course and two-mile run on zero day before entering the course. Prior to graduation, students must successfully complete written and hands-on examinations, sling load tests, and a 12 -mile foot march in under three hours with full combat load.



Pathfinder- Pathfinder Course is 15 days in duration and prepares Soldiers to become proficient in sling loads, helicopter landing zones and air assault planning, and drop zone operations. Training culminates with a three day FTX prior to graduation. 



Expert Infantry Badge

Sniper - The United States Army Sniper Course is a seven week course in which the student undergoes rigorous training to become the most feared weapon on the battlefield. The course will test a student on; field craft, marksmanship, mission planning, advanced situational awareness, urban operations, complex engagements and building collective lethality to create an unfair fight in favor of the sniper team in support of offensive, defensive and stability operations for the United States Army.

Ranger - Ranger School is the Army's toughest course and the premier small unit tactics and leadership school. The Ranger Course is a mentally and physically challenging school that develops functional skills directly related to units whose mission is to engage the enemy in close combat and direct fire battle. For 62 days, Ranger students train to exhaustion, pushing the limits of their minds and bodies. The course incorporates three phases (Benning, Mountain, and Swamp) which follow the crawl, walk, run training methodology. In Benning phase, the students become trained on squad operations and focus on ambush and recon missions, patrol base operations, and planning before moving on to platoon operations. In Mountain phase, students develop their skills at the platoon level in order to refine and complete their training in Swamp phase. After these three phases, Ranger Students are proficient in leading squad and platoon dismounted operations around the clock in all climates and terrain. Rangers are better trained, more capable, more resilient, and better prepared to serve and lead Soldiers in their next duty position.


Special Forces