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How is the Oregon National Guard Different from other Branches of the Military?

Federal Orders

State Orders

The Oregon National Guard responds when disaster strikes at home. We get to help Americans in America when they need it most.

As a Soldier in the Oregon National Guard, your primary place of duty is your home state. Typically, National Guard Soldiers live in their home area, where they can work at a civilian job and be close to friends and family. Drill is one weekend per month. Annual training is typically two weeks and happens once per year.


The Governor can mobilize the National Guard for any officially declared State emergency. These are typically weather related emergencies, but civil unrest or terrorist attacks are other types of emergencies that you may respond to. You'll also answer the call when your country needs you around the world. The National Guard responds to overseas combat missions as well as peacekeeping and stability operations. This is our unique dual role–serving in our communities and country. 

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