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Oregon Army National Guard
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A Partnership with: The Portland Community.

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Why is the National Guard Helping With the Vaccine?

The Oregon Army National Guard is here to help the people of Oregon. When called upon, the National Guard helps in times of need such as fighting forest fires, Search and Rescue, and protecting Oregon from catastrophic events. Simply put, we are Oregonians helping other Oregonians, living up to our motto of "Always Ready, Always There".

How is this mission different? The answer is; it's not really. The Oregon Army National Guard has hundreds of medical professionals certified and ready to help. Our mission is to partner with our local hospitals to correctly administer the COVID-19 vaccine to those that would like it.

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Your College Tuition is 100% Paid

Through the Oregon Army National Guard you will receive tuition assistance to all of Oregon's eligible private and non-profit institutions.

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Non-citizen spouses, parents, and unmarried minor children of U.S. citizen members of the U.S. military (current or past) who are in the U.S. after an unlawful entry may have an opportunity known as "Parole In Place" or PIP allows those who already qualify for a green card based on this close family relationship to "adjust status" - that is, apply for lawful permanent residence or a green card - without leaving the United States, despite their past illegal entry and stay.