The Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) is designed for people who are interested in joining the Oregon National Guard. RSP is helps the individual obtain the skills of a soldier before shipping to basic training. Only branch of the military that pays soldiers for their drill weekend to train before going to Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). 

What is RSP like?

RSP is built up of different types of training a Soldier will need to know to be proficient. Training includes map reading, 

Type of Training

Basic Rifle Marksmanship - Those who partipcate in RSP will at one point going through the training phases of basic rifle marksmanship to help them become more proficient in handling/shooting the Army's primary weapon, the M-4 Carbine Rifle. 

Land Navigation - RSP Soldiers will learn the basic skills to be able to survive in the wild. They will learn different kinds of terrain features and be able to identify the terrain in front of them  by its features. They will learn how to read and plot on a grid map. Land navigation is a basic course all Soldiers must learn before they can be sent into the field to test their land navigation skills.

Discipline - RSP Soldiers learn the importance of military discipline when at RSP. They will be taught how to act towards their follow Soldiers, Non Commissioned Officers, and Officers of the Oregon Army National Guard. It is important for the Soldier to know the rules of the Oregon Army National Guard.

Drill and Ceremony - RSP Soldiers will learn how to conduct drill and ceremony. Drill and ceremony consists of how to march as an individual and as a group. You will learn how to do a "left face", "right face", "about face", marching and many more movements.  

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