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Sisters In Arms provides peer to peer relationships and integrates morals and ethics to enhance professional and personal growth through joint partnership, mentorship and guidance. Sisters in Arms aligns its vision with strategic ways of recruiting/retention, mentorship and partnership through realistic lines of effort.


Empower women by developing strong bonds and joint partnerships between junior and senior leaders, military and civilian alike.


Key Tasks:

Engage- Community outreach to show the strength of being a female military member.
Meet- Networking and building professional relationships and multinational partnerships      Perform- Improving competencies and performance in the workplace.
Overcome- Conquering adversities in an ever changing environment.
Wellness- Instilling confidence and resiliency in mental and physical health
Educate- Emphasizing importance of continuing education.
Revive- Encouraging, inspiring and recognizing everyday women in career fields.
Sponsor- Advocating for women and building a stronger, healthier organization.
Pillars- Recruiting & Retention, Mentorship, and Partnership.

Sisters in Arms contact information

Phone: (503) 949-9663

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Dear Oregon Sisters in Arms:

Thank you for attending or supporting in spirit the 16 August 2019 Oregon National Guard Sisters in Arms inauguration event held at the General White Building, 230 Geer Drive NE, Salem, OR.  The guest speaker was Brigadier General Donna M. Prigmore which gave us wonderful jewels of wisdom. Her reading list and many photos have been posted to our website and Facebook page.  Your support and attendance was greatly appreciated and made this event excellent.  Your initial feedback has been heard and what Women are seeking for the Sisters in Arms is: community events, conferences, fitness events, and relevant professional material we can collaborate on through our growing mentorship development.  We have attached this initial feedback along with a resource flyer for your viewing.  We look forward to you getting involved at an upcoming Sisters in Arms event!

Upcoming Events

Fri, 20 Sept: 1100-1200, Coffee with Sisters at Broadway Coffee House, 1300 Broadway St. NE, Salem, OR 97301–Educational overview of Sisters in Arms. We will be asking for your feedback on initial survey questions, mentorship ideas, and professional viewing of Brené Brown: the Call to Courage, on Netflix. 

Thurs, 28 November: Turkey Trot Run, happening throughout Oregon, it would be great if you and your friends/family joined us in this fun!  (Details of location will be finalized at Set/Oct coffee and planning events).

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Sisters in Arms Workouts

Applicant nutrition and workouts ponder.

Sisters in Arms Suggested Reading List

The Sisters in Arms Inauguration Event was met with such enthusiasm and great feedback from many of the attendees!

As promised, please see the brief notes and Brig Gen Prigmore's reading list that she mentioned during her speech.  

        -          Clear is Kind
        -          Desired Characteristics

        o   Trust
        o   Integrity
        o   Learn to control emotions
        o   Steady
        o   Calm

        -          Begin with the end in mind
        -          Stretch yourself
        -          Get out of your comfort zone
        -          Be careful what you feed your mind
        -          Don't compare yourself with others; compare yourself to yourself                                 yesterday
        -          Keep your conscience clear
        -          Be aware of (negative) self-talk
        -          Recognize truth from lies
        -          Be humble (authentic)
        -          Seek first to understand, then to be understood
        -          Don't quit
        -          Take care of yourself

        Recommended Reading and books mentioned:
        -          "On Leadership" - Rudolph Giuliani
        -          "Dare to Lead" - Brene Brown
        -          "Lincoln on Leadership" - Donald Phillips
        -          "12 Rules for Life" - Dr Jordan Peterson
        -          "Lead with Humility (12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis)" - Jeffrey                      A. Krames
        -          "Battlefield of the Mind" - Joyce Meyer