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Fri, 20 Sept: 1100-1200, Coffee with Sisters at Broadway Coffee House, 1300 Broadway St. NE, Salem, OR 97301–Educational overview of Sisters in Arms. We will be asking for your feedback on initial survey questions, mentorship ideas, and professional viewing of Brené Brown: the Call to Courage, on Netflix. 

Thurs, 28 November: Turkey Trot Run, happening throughout Oregon, it would be great if you and your friends/family joined us in this fun!  (Details of location will be finalized at Set/Oct coffee and planning events).

The Sisters in Arms Inauguration Event was met with such enthusiasm and great feedback from many of the attendees!

As promised, please see the brief notes and Brig Gen Prigmore's reading list that she mentioned during her speech.  

        -          Clear is Kind
        -          Desired Characteristics

        o   Trust
        o   Integrity
        o   Learn to control emotions
        o   Steady
        o   Calm

        -          Begin with the end in mind
        -          Stretch yourself
        -          Get out of your comfort zone
        -          Be careful what you feed your mind
        -          Don't compare yourself with others; compare yourself to yourself                                 yesterday
        -          Keep your conscience clear
        -          Be aware of (negative) self-talk
        -          Recognize truth from lies
        -          Be humble (authentic)
        -          Seek first to understand, then to be understood
        -          Don't quit
        -          Take care of yourself

        Recommended Reading and books mentioned:
        -          "On Leadership" - Rudolph Giuliani
        -          "Dare to Lead" - Brene Brown
        -          "Lincoln on Leadership" - Donald Phillips
        -          "12 Rules for Life" - Dr Jordan Peterson
        -          "Lead with Humility (12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis)" - Jeffrey                      A. Krames
        -          "Battlefield of the Mind" - Joyce Meyer

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