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Guardians' Gateway: Your Journey, Your Benefits

Your Guide to Continued Success in the Oregon Army National Guard


We Honor Your Dedication

Your commitment, a lifelong journey shaping the heart of the Oregon Army National Guard

In the Oregon Army National Guard, we recognize that your commitment is the bedrock of our collective strength. Each day you don the uniform, it is not merely a duty but a profound dedication to something larger than yourself – a shared commitment to safeguarding our communities and nation.

Your commitment to service is not confined to a singular moment; it's a lifelong journey. It's the unwavering resolve that propels you forward, shaping not only your path but the very fabric of the organization. We understand the significance of this journey, and we value every step you take. To each and every one of you, our heartfelt thanks.

Building Our Legacy Together

Soldiers' commitment and families' steadfast support: the foundation of our collective strength

We understand the sacrifices and challenges that come with being part of an Oregon Army National Guard family. The resilience and dedication exhibited by families echo through the very essence of our organization. Whether it's the shared moments of joy at unit family days, the quiet strength during deployments, or the steadfast support during times of transition, your unwavering commitment is the silent force propelling our Soldiers forward. Your support is integral to the success of our Soldiers and the entire organization.


To every spouse, child, and family member, your commitment does not go unnoticed. From all of us, a sincere thank you for standing alongside your loved ones in service to our nation.


Empowering Your Journey: Beyond Gratitude

As we express our genuine appreciation for your unwavering dedication in the Oregon Army National Guard, we want to ensure you are aware of the invaluable benefits that come with your commitment. Beyond our gratitude, there are opportunities designed to support and enhance various aspects of your journey. From financial security measures to educational avenues, explore the resources crafted to empower you and contribute to your success. Read on to delve into the tangible ways your service is honored and supported within our community.


Financial Security and Education Opportunities

Your commitment extends beyond duty; it's a guided pathway to a secure and prosperous future. Benefit from a comprehensive package including a robust retirement plan, state tax breaks, and up to 100% tuition assistance covering college degrees, certifications, credentials, and trade schools. Explore the myriad of scholarships available to further your education and build a foundation for success. Extend the promise of a brighter future to your dependents by seamlessly transferring your education benefits, unlocking avenues to academic excellence and success.


Comprehensive Support for You and Your Family

Leverage a range of comprehensive support for you and your family within the Oregon Army National Guard. Our commitment transcends duty; it's a dedicated pledge to nurture and uphold our military community. Secure affordable health insurance, explore the potential of VA Home Loans for homeownership, and find reassurance in comprehensive life insurance coverage. The Army National Guard stands as a tight-knit community that unwaveringly supports you. In moments of need, emergency relief funds are readily available, ensuring you have the essential support. Navigate life's complexities with confidence, knowing that our diverse resources are crafted to elevate your overall well-being and contribute to your family's enduring success.

Diverse Career Paths and Personal Growth

Extend your journey with the Oregon Army National Guard beyond your initial commitment. Seize the array of career advancement opportunities presented through full-time positions like AGR, ADOS, and Fed Tech roles. Continue to augment your income through drill and annual training while accomplishing the milestones needed to achieve your promotion goals. In certain instances, Soldiers may qualify for reenlistment extension bonuses, offering additional incentives for continued service. Tailor your career path and explore MOS changes, OCS and WOCS opportunities ensuring that your role aligns seamlessly with your evolving goals. Embrace a culture of personal growth and continual learning within the Army National Guard, from specialized military schools to comprehensive training programs.


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